Diaz conditions pact for Education to an “adequate financing” of the State

Diaz conditions pact for Education to an “adequate financing” of the State

The president of the Board, Susana Diaz, has bet today to reach a pact with all political forces to protect Education in Andalusia, but has warned that this will be a “toast to the sun” if it is not accompanied by “just and adequate” regional financing.

Díaz has made these demonstrations during the parliamentary session of control to the Government, in which he has answered a question about the Andalusian Pact for Education, formulated by the leader of Citizens, Juan Marín, who has considered that “improve” the education system In this community, “it’s not just a matter of injecting money.”

“Of course you have to inject money and, for that, you need a model of fair and adequate financing because it is not acceptable that an Andalusian is receiving 110 euros less than the average”, the president of the Board replied.

For this reason, it has indicated that “it is not of receipt” that is intended to “distract attention”, in his opinion, speaking only of a pact in Andalusia because it would be “cheating the citizens”.

Thus, it has highlighted the measures developed in this legislature in the field of education, such as the increase of 2,000 teachers in the last two years, the discount of university fees or the call for the “largest job offer in Spain”, as that has added initiatives of previous legislatures that remain in force, to conclude that “all this needs resources”.

“I want the armor of education, I want a pact, but not deceiving the citizens because a quality public education needs to have the same resources as other territories,” he insisted.

He stressed that, despite the fact that Andalusia is “poorly financed, punished and run over” by receiving “less than average” because it is “misapplying” the model of regional funding, has fulfilled its commitment to increase by 12,000 places Early Childhood Education, while the places of Vocational Training have been increased.

He also highlighted the development of the strategic plan for languages ​​”and we already have -has highlighted- with 300 more bilingual centers to reach 1,500″, while referring to the plan for school success in Andalusia, which has been implemented 60 percent of the performances, while school absenteeism has been reduced by 14 points.

The spokesman for Citizens, Juan Marín, who recalled that the Andalusian Pact for Education is part of the investment agreement reached with the PSOE, has admitted that in Andalusia has “advanced” in education, but there are data that remain “lamentable and chilling”, as reflected in various reports from European organizations and the Ombudsman himself.

For Marín, this is not only attributable to financing, since it has gone from a budget of 6,588 million euros in 2015 to more than 7,500 million for this year, which represents almost 22% of the Andalusian budget and a 4, 6% of GDP expected for 2018.

“Not everything is money, we forget efficiency and effectiveness in public management,” said Marín, who has asked the president to start “introducing education as a ‘jewel in the crown’ in Andalusia, and not only health. “

He insisted that the data are “chilling”, as the percentage of early educational dropout has risen to 27.7% compared to 21.9% of the national average, according to a report by the Ombudsman.

He has also called attention to the lack of sufficient places for Vocational Training, and regretted that there is a “strong demotivation of students and teachers.”

“We want to find solutions to stop this from happening, we want to put in place policies to evaluate what is being done because 7.5 billion resources is not bad,” he insisted.

He has advocated the launching of information and training systems for students and teachers, as well as multi-year infrastructure plans, while at the same time it has influenced the need to “educate in civic values”.

And, for all this, has defended the need to create a working group in Parliament, with the aim of reaching a consensus “and not the imposition.”

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