Chess educational material: The Game with the Towers

Chess educational material: The Game with the Towers

Many followers of this new portal have asked us about the material that we will be incorporating to download. The idea is to offer our subscribers educational material for children, which can be useful for clubs, schools and chess monitors that work with young chess players.

As a sample we offer you to download for free the pdf that we have just included: The game with the towers. A study for children to learn some of the most important topics about the strategy related to the towers. Open and semi-open columns, seventh and eighth rows, activity of the towers, and many important technical details that will help children playing chess to improve their game. All illustrated with example games, diagrams, tips and explanations to understand the essence of the game with the towers. Ideal for basic level, even some intermediate players will find interesting points, such as the one dedicated to the compensation of a sacrificed pawn in exchange for the activity with our towers.

Soon subscribers can download more related material. In fact soon “The game with the lady” will be available and later “The game with the minor pieces”.

We hope that this chess didactic material for children is to your liking and, above all, useful for young chess players and their monitors.

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